Smart shower from Hydrao

Smart shower from Hydrao
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Smart shower from Hydrao
Saving mode should be in everything, even in the shower. How often we all love to take a bath or shower without thinking about time and the amount of hot water we spend. The developers of the company Hydrao figured out how to save us with hot water. Smart shower from Hydrao is the most common dushnik, with built-in led lamps and a controller which measures the amount of water you used. This unusual device was designed by the French engineers and the calculations of savings were taken by European regulations, namely:

– family of 4 people;

– the cost of water for one shower per person not more than 55 liters;

– number of times Hiking in shower for each family member – 1.

On the basis of stated numbers, a very surprising figure is 55 gallons for one shower, so I think it’s even a lot of. But the developers compared and believed that on average one person spends on one trip to the shower is about 80 litres!

And that math was not so boring, and you can download to your smartphone to count liters of hot water.

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